Leaf of Life

In 2005, there was a massive competition. Over 100 people applied for the chance to make a new stain glass window. Only 22 people were selected. Later, a panel of judges wilted this number down to 8 artists. I was one of them.


Each artist was told to pick a station. I went from location to location, trying to look for a station that would inspire me. But, I could not find one. That is, until I walked up to Nereid Avenue, where I saw a community garden. I liked that people were able to grow their own organic food. It was like an oasis amongst a desert of buildings, and trains. In Jamaica, there is also a medicinal plant called “The Leaf of Life.” So I decided to name the series after it.


After winning the commission, I traveled to Minnesota. For one week, I worked with a stain glass factory. The glass workers helped to bring my sketches to life. In the Spring, the panels were complete and installed. Today, Leaf of Life is still at Nereid Avenue.