“Paradise” was commissioned by Sing For Hope. They are a non-profit organization that intends to bring music and art to the public. Every year, they have a national competition in which artists will be chosen to paint a piano.


In the Fall of 2017, a scout contacted me. They had seen some of my previous commission work, and asked me to submit a design. I made two proposals – both of which play homage to Sing For Hope’s mission, and my Jamaican background. I decided to depict song birds, because they are natural singers. The flower on the piano is a bird of paradise. So it dually relates to the title, and the tropical theme. The orange background also emphasizes the tropical feeling.


All pianos are pre chosen for the artist, and many have their own unique look. Artists must sand, and prime it themselves. All of the pianos were in a large loft, with all of the painting supplies we needed. However, not everyone was there at the same time. A crowd did not form.


Paradise will be displayed at FOSUN Plaza at 28 Liberty, 28 Liberty Street, for the remainder of the summer.